Daughter of the Nass

Originally carved in yew wood in 1994 for a gallery show called ‘Raven & Myth’. The piece depicts Raven giving the world light in Tlingit creation stories. In the myth, Raven is intrigued by the chiefs always guarded longhouse. In those days Raven was all white. Raven turns himself into a pine needle which is drunk by the chief’s daughter. Once inside her he turns himself into a baby & gains the love of the chief. When the chief is away he sneaks into the longhouse & finds the sun, moon and stars stored in boxes. He opens the star box & releases the stars into the heavens. Then the moon box is opened & that giant orb affixes itself in orbit around the Earth. Lastly the largest box is opened releasing blinding burning light which is the sun. As it is released it burns Raven black.  It is available unframed or framed with patinaed brass plate as shown.

$400 - Unframed

Edition of 14

Size – 3 ¼” by 9 ¾” (size of casting)